Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The dawning of spring, and a fickle knitter.

Most of my stash is wool. Yummy, soft, durable wool and wool blends. But, after several months of snow and ice( and a broken knee due to these conditions) I've felt a yearning for cooler, summery and springy yarns. Cotton, bamboo, silk. Stuff that runs through your fingers and feels like summer is already here. It's silly, I know. I'm the girl who knits a sweater every summer. When she's living in Las Vegas. Where its 110 degrees. And I knit it in wool.

But I just can't help wanting to play with something that feels like spring. Luckily, I have a UFO that fits the bill perfectly. A pink silk scarf kit that I got for my birthday, that was put on waste yarn so I could knit a Harry Potter scarf for my Uncle's friend for Christmas.* I'm going to go knit that now, and enjoy the feeling that ITS SPRINGTIME. Even if it is still 40 degrees. That just means I'll wear tights. And my cute new scarf/shawl.  It's a lovely Zoe knit in some Noro Silk Garden Sock I got at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia last year. It's a little modified( I changed to garter or stockinette when I felt like it)[ It also has a smaller ruffle], but is lovely, It was the perfect antidote to simple, plain socks gone wrong.

* NEVER knit those ridiculous scarves on a deadline. Or monogamously. You will go insane. I can't look at red and gold yarn in the same area**. If I look at a slytherin scarf in one of the movies, I flinch.

** I will finish that scarf eventually. No knitting project can defeat me. Period. I will prevail.