Thursday, June 30, 2011

A new friend

Recently, my boyfriend and I adopted a lovely senior cat from The Lowell Humane Society. His name is Mitch, he is nine years old, and he definitely does not act his age. He is a sweet, affectionate and mouthy cat who loves to speak his mind and curl up on my lap. Best of all? He leaves my knitting alone for the most part.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry for not posting for so long. The end of my final semester of school ended up being a very busy, very hard time for me.
I have moved in with the darling Snorlax, and we have adopted a lovely new cat named Mitch. He is the most sweet, gentle and lovey cat I have ever met. He's also fairly smart, as he quickly learned to not mess with my yarn.

I am currently looking for employment, and using my knitting to keep me from going insane/keep me motivated while I write endless cover letters.

This blog, now that I'm living in an apartment, will be getting a little busier. I'm a big fan of cooking, and intend to start blogging about recipes I've tried.

Stay tuned!