Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad blogger, bad, bad, bad blogger.

I am a terrible blogger. I get all excited about starting a blog, post a few times, and then abandon said blog, only to resurface later. I have instagram, pinterest and Twitter all under the same name of the blog, but don't follow through with weekly, let alone daily blogging.

Why is that?

I guess it is because my life- to me- just isn't all that interesting. I go to work, I come home. I knit. I play WoW and Sims 3. I go for walks, I read a book. I'm half designing things that never see a formal work document, let alone get put up on a blog post, let alone Ravelry(and let's not even think about the state of my Ravelry project page. It's a disgrace.)

But I want to do better. I want to record my life. So, here it goes. I'll post 3 times a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I'll also be diversifying my content a little. I'll be discussing my other hobbies (cycling, spinning, cross stitch, reading etc). 

Some things will remain the same (my terrible photos, my bad Star Wars knitting puns, my cat). But what matters is having fun.

Is there anything you would like to see from LemurKnits?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New projects! The first is a Ginko Shawl out of Stroll Glimmer in Potion.
 The second, and the strong favorite from friends and family, is my panda tammy. Its the most complicated thing I have ever knitted, and my first 'real' fair isle. It uses 5 different colors in fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Hexipuff Blanket of Doom

Sorry to not update much. Right now my current obsession is the Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. It has taken over my knitting time. Which is bad. Very bad. I have socks for my mother and my boyfriend to knit, thrummed mittens and a hat for my sister, hats for my boyfriend's little cousins, and a myriad of projects for me.

Anyways, about the quilt. I have 47 and 2  half puffs right now- here's the quilt so far.

It is firmly in the crazy quilt category, but I love it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Proliferation- or the Pink Box of DOOM

I have a problem with project monogamy. I always have. My Mom would actually complain about why I had two or three projects going, and why couldn't I focus on one at a time.( She finally got it once she found a knitter friend of her own). I simply get bored with projects- or frustrated, or distracted by a pretty yarn or pattern.
  Currently, I am in the throws of intense startitis- a condition in which you desire to CAST ON ALL THE THINGS. Usually I'm not this bad. But I think I know what was the cause.  I knitted monogamously for almost three weeks when making a pair of Ravenclaw House knee socks for the Harry Potter 7.2 midnight movie showing. They're amazing socks(will post pictures later), but they took a lot of time, dedication, and focus to finish by the deadline. So now I'm knitting a lot of different projects. I have two socks on the needles, one sock sitting in a box waiting for its mate to be knit, a glove that needs fingers, a sweater, a coat, and a fake isle hat. THIS IS ALL KNIT OUT OF STASH. Its really bad. Its not as if I'm not completing projects however. But, that is a post for another day.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A new friend

Recently, my boyfriend and I adopted a lovely senior cat from The Lowell Humane Society. His name is Mitch, he is nine years old, and he definitely does not act his age. He is a sweet, affectionate and mouthy cat who loves to speak his mind and curl up on my lap. Best of all? He leaves my knitting alone for the most part.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry for not posting for so long. The end of my final semester of school ended up being a very busy, very hard time for me.
I have moved in with the darling Snorlax, and we have adopted a lovely new cat named Mitch. He is the most sweet, gentle and lovey cat I have ever met. He's also fairly smart, as he quickly learned to not mess with my yarn.

I am currently looking for employment, and using my knitting to keep me from going insane/keep me motivated while I write endless cover letters.

This blog, now that I'm living in an apartment, will be getting a little busier. I'm a big fan of cooking, and intend to start blogging about recipes I've tried.

Stay tuned!