Sunday, February 27, 2011

A fling of sorts, or In defense of simple patterns

After ripping out the second sock for the February sock of the month 6 times, well, I just could not face the yarn anymore. So, instead, I cheated on the project. I cheated with a skein of Noro, and a lovely pattern called Zoe. It's simple, its pretty, and its the perfect fling after a failed project.

  I have never been a monogamous knitter. Its just not in my nature. I like having different things on the needles. And well, sometimes I have a case of 'startitis' because I get frustrated. Sweater not going well? Cast on a hat. Hat suck? Socks. Harry Potter scarf? Lace hat. These projects all serve to keep me entertained, happy, and give me a break from projects that drive me loony.

This is why I am not going to try to continue the sock of the month thing, or, at least, not  have such a strict deadline.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I learn from knitting

Knitting in a way, can make you a better person.  It teaches you things. For instance, I am learning perseverance and patience right now. I have ripped out the second sock for my February socks of the month 6 times. I am so freaking sick of this project. But I will not let it beat me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry Ya'll

Hey guys- sorry I haven't posted lately. I had my leg surgery on the 15th, and had boyfriend here from the 11th to the 13th. Before that, I was in a deep hole of knitting for the boy, so I could finish his hat, scarf and gloves.
Here is a brief plan for the rest of February
  1. To finish my February sock of the Month, I had issues with the January socks, and am trying to catch up.
  2. Post about the boyfriends anniversary/ Valentines gift
  3. Post about the knitting community- my knitting club, and knitters in the community, and knitters in the family
  4. Musings on changing weather, fickle knitting, and that damn sock yarn that keeps distracting me from my nice, planned club.
Some of these may be pushed off into March. But, I am back, knitting with a vengeance, and teaching my knitting padawans to be crafty.

ETA: My camera is having issues with my laptop, so some of these are forth coming when I get my pictures uploaded.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My yarn Stash

This is my yarn stash. It's not too large, and much of it is sock yarn. There's a frogged sweater in there, leftovers from other projects and Christmas gifts from family members.
 In a way, I think a stash says a lot about the knitter. It can show their tastes, their habits, and their personalities. It goes further than simple color and fiber choices though. For instance, when I look at my stash, I see its a little disorganized, eclectic. It's all over the place. It has lots of portable sock yarn for socks, and thick bulky yarn for a planned pair of legwarmers. It's mostly cheaper natural fibers- but has some blends because I can be flexible. It has yarn for gifts, or left overs from gifts, because I do enjoy choosing just the right project and yarn for the right person. Socks for my Mom, Glittens for my sister. A hat for my dear friend Kitty, who's been so very helpful, and didn't judge too much as I took this picture.
 All in all, this stash represents some one trying to be everywhere, and do everything. Someone who loves complicated color work (the black bagged yarn is for an argyle sweater vest), simple socks, and to knit quick gifts for those she loves.
What does your stash say about you?

Monday, February 7, 2011


1. I am a selfish knitter. I love to knit- but knitting stuff for other people well, drives me batty. It's not that I don't want to, its that after the initial thrill wears off, it feels more like a chore. So, I turn to project polyamory. I'll have a pair of socks or a hat or a sweater on the needles for me, a project for my friend, and another project for when either of the first two make me angry.

2. I am a fickle knitter. If a project makes me angry, it will get put in a pile, waiting for me to not be angry anymore. For instance, I have a Cadence sweater in my yarn basket. I can never seem to knit it long enough. So there it sits, waiting to be ripped back so I can knit the final several inches to make it an acceptable sweater.

3. I'm a knitting evangelist. I KIP, I teach knitting in a club, I teach knitting to my friends. I find it fun- and I love to see what my students, or Padawans as I like to call them, can make.

4. I secretly want a pair of straight needles that look like lightsabers. Even though I never use straight needles.

5. I'm on Ravelry as lemurphilosopher.

6. I'm a bad ravelrer. Most of my projects don't have a picture up, or aren't even logged in. My goal is to take pictures of all of my old projects and put them up.

7. I love to knit socks.

8. I didn't finish my January sock of the Month. My size one needle broke. So I'm cheating and knitting my February socks with worsted weight yarn.

9.I gave my mom my first ever knitted pair of socks for Christmas. She loved them.

10. One of my favorite people to knit for is my sister. She willingly helps to pick the patterns, and loves having unique, warm things to wear.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuff Knitters like: #1 Knitting

It's kind of a cop out to create a list of what knitters like and to start off with knitting. But, it is true. Knitters like knitting, no, they LOVE knitting. They love it so much that it evolves into some eccentric practices. They collect yarn, with every intention in the world of knitting it into something useful. They plan projects months in advance. They find ways to buy more yarn and knit more by trying to knit a gift for every occasion. They swath themselves in their knitted items( I am very, very very guilty of this).
  In fact, many of them can't bear to be without a project with them at all times. They will knit on trains, in line at the grocery store, even on a gurney in the Emergency Room, waiting to be seen by a Doctor. (A friend did this, a very close friend who is now behind on the sock of the month challenge.  I'd never do such a thing...really, honest- even if my foot was really cold. And I was at a point I could start the ribbing. And the pattern was a lit of fun...) Many even have projects specifically for travel, like socks, and hats. These same knitters may also have projects for different occasions. Lace for silence, color work for bright light, and a Harry Potter scarf for when you want to numb your brain.
  These same knitters LOVE to promote knitting, They are knitting missionaries. They knit in public, hoping people ask questions. They offer to teach everyone, and often try to teach their children or grandchildren.(Note: If the training doesn't stick, wait until they are older. It took my grandmothers three tries to teach me, and I learned from a book.) The younger ones may go on to create a knitting club in college or high school, just so they can promote it, and talk about knitting.
  Knitting, in short, is a lifestyle to them. It provides warmth, clothing and company. It gives you a connection to your relatives, and gives you an opening to talk to people. This knitter would never dream of quitting.