Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Proliferation- or the Pink Box of DOOM

I have a problem with project monogamy. I always have. My Mom would actually complain about why I had two or three projects going, and why couldn't I focus on one at a time.( She finally got it once she found a knitter friend of her own). I simply get bored with projects- or frustrated, or distracted by a pretty yarn or pattern.
  Currently, I am in the throws of intense startitis- a condition in which you desire to CAST ON ALL THE THINGS. Usually I'm not this bad. But I think I know what was the cause.  I knitted monogamously for almost three weeks when making a pair of Ravenclaw House knee socks for the Harry Potter 7.2 midnight movie showing. They're amazing socks(will post pictures later), but they took a lot of time, dedication, and focus to finish by the deadline. So now I'm knitting a lot of different projects. I have two socks on the needles, one sock sitting in a box waiting for its mate to be knit, a glove that needs fingers, a sweater, a coat, and a fake isle hat. THIS IS ALL KNIT OUT OF STASH. Its really bad. Its not as if I'm not completing projects however. But, that is a post for another day.

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