Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Tale of the Colorwork Hat

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right for your knitting? Last week I did. I was casting on for Tam C of Three Tams. I casted on the ribbing, four times. Each time, I twisted the cast on. Every. Single. Time. Now, a normal person would just not make the hat. Not me. I will not be defeated by some bloody ribbing. Even if it is two colors. So, I devised a cheat.
ETA: The yarns used are Full 'o Sheep, and Lion Brand Amazing. The Full o'Sheep is left over from a pair of mittens, and the Lion Brand was a Christmas gift from one of my enablers I mean Uncle.
I knitted the ribbing flat.  I just added one stitch extra on both ends, and used them to sew the brim together at the end. Made things much easier in the long run. Which turned out to be a while. The yarn I was using for the fake isle, Lion Brand Amazing, has some really, really, really long color changes. And, in a fit of knitterly OCD, I decided I wanted to control my colors.
 I ripped each color repeat out, and rolled it into an individual ball. Yes, its sad. It's anal retentive. But, my hat sure looks good.
And, a shot of the inside

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