Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuff Knitters like: #1 Knitting

It's kind of a cop out to create a list of what knitters like and to start off with knitting. But, it is true. Knitters like knitting, no, they LOVE knitting. They love it so much that it evolves into some eccentric practices. They collect yarn, with every intention in the world of knitting it into something useful. They plan projects months in advance. They find ways to buy more yarn and knit more by trying to knit a gift for every occasion. They swath themselves in their knitted items( I am very, very very guilty of this).
  In fact, many of them can't bear to be without a project with them at all times. They will knit on trains, in line at the grocery store, even on a gurney in the Emergency Room, waiting to be seen by a Doctor. (A friend did this, a very close friend who is now behind on the sock of the month challenge.  I'd never do such a thing...really, honest- even if my foot was really cold. And I was at a point I could start the ribbing. And the pattern was a lit of fun...) Many even have projects specifically for travel, like socks, and hats. These same knitters may also have projects for different occasions. Lace for silence, color work for bright light, and a Harry Potter scarf for when you want to numb your brain.
  These same knitters LOVE to promote knitting, They are knitting missionaries. They knit in public, hoping people ask questions. They offer to teach everyone, and often try to teach their children or grandchildren.(Note: If the training doesn't stick, wait until they are older. It took my grandmothers three tries to teach me, and I learned from a book.) The younger ones may go on to create a knitting club in college or high school, just so they can promote it, and talk about knitting.
  Knitting, in short, is a lifestyle to them. It provides warmth, clothing and company. It gives you a connection to your relatives, and gives you an opening to talk to people. This knitter would never dream of quitting. 

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