Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry Ya'll

Hey guys- sorry I haven't posted lately. I had my leg surgery on the 15th, and had boyfriend here from the 11th to the 13th. Before that, I was in a deep hole of knitting for the boy, so I could finish his hat, scarf and gloves.
Here is a brief plan for the rest of February
  1. To finish my February sock of the Month, I had issues with the January socks, and am trying to catch up.
  2. Post about the boyfriends anniversary/ Valentines gift
  3. Post about the knitting community- my knitting club, and knitters in the community, and knitters in the family
  4. Musings on changing weather, fickle knitting, and that damn sock yarn that keeps distracting me from my nice, planned club.
Some of these may be pushed off into March. But, I am back, knitting with a vengeance, and teaching my knitting padawans to be crafty.

ETA: My camera is having issues with my laptop, so some of these are forth coming when I get my pictures uploaded.

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