Monday, February 7, 2011


1. I am a selfish knitter. I love to knit- but knitting stuff for other people well, drives me batty. It's not that I don't want to, its that after the initial thrill wears off, it feels more like a chore. So, I turn to project polyamory. I'll have a pair of socks or a hat or a sweater on the needles for me, a project for my friend, and another project for when either of the first two make me angry.

2. I am a fickle knitter. If a project makes me angry, it will get put in a pile, waiting for me to not be angry anymore. For instance, I have a Cadence sweater in my yarn basket. I can never seem to knit it long enough. So there it sits, waiting to be ripped back so I can knit the final several inches to make it an acceptable sweater.

3. I'm a knitting evangelist. I KIP, I teach knitting in a club, I teach knitting to my friends. I find it fun- and I love to see what my students, or Padawans as I like to call them, can make.

4. I secretly want a pair of straight needles that look like lightsabers. Even though I never use straight needles.

5. I'm on Ravelry as lemurphilosopher.

6. I'm a bad ravelrer. Most of my projects don't have a picture up, or aren't even logged in. My goal is to take pictures of all of my old projects and put them up.

7. I love to knit socks.

8. I didn't finish my January sock of the Month. My size one needle broke. So I'm cheating and knitting my February socks with worsted weight yarn.

9.I gave my mom my first ever knitted pair of socks for Christmas. She loved them.

10. One of my favorite people to knit for is my sister. She willingly helps to pick the patterns, and loves having unique, warm things to wear.

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