Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My yarn Stash

This is my yarn stash. It's not too large, and much of it is sock yarn. There's a frogged sweater in there, leftovers from other projects and Christmas gifts from family members.
 In a way, I think a stash says a lot about the knitter. It can show their tastes, their habits, and their personalities. It goes further than simple color and fiber choices though. For instance, when I look at my stash, I see its a little disorganized, eclectic. It's all over the place. It has lots of portable sock yarn for socks, and thick bulky yarn for a planned pair of legwarmers. It's mostly cheaper natural fibers- but has some blends because I can be flexible. It has yarn for gifts, or left overs from gifts, because I do enjoy choosing just the right project and yarn for the right person. Socks for my Mom, Glittens for my sister. A hat for my dear friend Kitty, who's been so very helpful, and didn't judge too much as I took this picture.
 All in all, this stash represents some one trying to be everywhere, and do everything. Someone who loves complicated color work (the black bagged yarn is for an argyle sweater vest), simple socks, and to knit quick gifts for those she loves.
What does your stash say about you?

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  1. My stash says that I'm monochromatic!